Our Mission

To Enhance Public Safety in Douglas County by being a Liaison between the Citizens and the Douglas County Sheriffs Office, Providing Review of the Expenditures of the Justice Center Sales Tax and Providing Advisory Opinions to the DCSO on a Variety of Issues Impacting Public Safety & DCSO Operations.

County Commissioner Election

In November 2020, two seats on the Board of County Commissioners are up for election. These elected officials will have a big impact upon public safety for the citizens of Douglas County. PSAC will have a BIG impact on this election, by being THE best source of information on these candidates! Find Out Why!


On Monday, October 5th, at 7:00 P.M., PSAC is hosting the only scheduled debate between the two prime party nominees: Democrat Amy Padden & Republican John Kellner. Find out how to watch this live-streaming event here!

Sheriff's Office Budget

During this difficult time, most government agencies have been called upon to face severe budget cuts. Under the leadership of Tony Spurlock, the Command Staff of the DCSO has sharpened their pencils and developed a proposed 2021 budget that proposes an overall reduction in the amount over $550,000. 


The Douglas County Detention Facility has:
-180 total staff
-Total of 482 total beds
-Average daily population of 319
-Total bookings in 2019 of 7,682 (Ave. 21 new/day)
-85% white, 12% black, 3% other
-71% booked were out-of-county residents
-71% arrived w alcohol/drug detox needs
-As of 2/10/2021, 0 detainees with COVID-19

For more information about the Detentions Division of the DCSCO, go to www.dcpsac.org

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